Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) and its effect on daily existence

Much has been stated concerning the feelings. Because ancient occasions, essential philosophers devoted a crucial a part of their thoughts to this complicated subject that is an innate a part of all human beings.
Throughout life, every person experiences a wide variety of feelings and amongst them is sadness. Who has not stated at some point ” I feel sad (me siento triste)”? Sadness is amongst the emotions most very easily distinguishable by almost all human beings.

But the sadness has been demonized to some extent, since it will not have a damaging character but consists of a wealth of possibilities to see life from yet another viewpoint and enables a a lot more fluid adaptation towards the sudden changes generated by a loss.
All the events that occur in life, however tough and challenging they may be, bring with them a understanding that will allow them to evolve and grow as a person. Saying ” I feel sad (me siento triste)” is not some thing bad or anything to be ashamed of, around the contrary, it is the acceptance of what you feel and this really is the initial step to be able to continue on.

However, particular attention ought to be paid when saying the phrase ” I feel sad (me siento triste)”, not for saying it, but for the genuine cause of that sadness. You need to be cautious and take some time to determine if it’s an emotion caused by a actual situation including the loss of a loved 1, a project, a job, and so forth. In which case, emotion could be a entirely healthful expression of the inner globe.

But if it’s a matter of thoughts, ideas or memories, outdoors of an acceptable period of mourning, then it could be time for you to go to the search for aid, be it a psychology professional, psychiatry, a counselor, a guide spiritual or master to become totally free and to move forward.

No emotion is unfavorable in it, but remains in states of continuous sadness if it’s, it’s important to provide yourself permission to live your pain and sadness, but without having stagnation or give permanence inside your life for a extended time.