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Sex impotence is among the health problems that have the best psychological influence on the man whom suffers given it causes a strong depression, minimal self-esteem, and anxiety affecting their own relationship through not preserving a firm and also lasting erectile.

This condition is extremely frequent of males aged 45 and over, even so, some separated cases of men with 3 decades of age tend to be presented. Eventhough it is something infrequent it is important to always be alert, as they can be a sign of significant health problems.

There are lots of risk factors in which promote lovemaking impotence for example obesity, aerobic problems, diabetic issues, and arteriosclerosis, among others. However, bad habits for example cigarette smoking, substantial alcohol consumption, and sedentary life style are coadjutants for that appearance associated with erectile dysfunction. Intended for the inactive lifestyle, it comes with an increase in blood choleseterol levels, affecting blood pressure level and improving the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Although this problem could be improved upon with physical exercise and eating healthily, it takes period.

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